Miguel Myers Series

PLEASE NOTE: The sample photos do not show the actual size. The Halloween series is available in standard sizes from 8x10 inches to 42x34 inches. 

The Halloween aka Miguel Myers series was started in 2016. Lesley's husband Junie was given a custom made poncho by clothing designer Ashley Rowe. He wanted to take a photograph of him wearing it for her as a thank you. Lesley & Junie love Halloween and host the annual Halloween party every year in Marfa at the Lost Horse Saloon. That year Junie was dressing up as Michael Myers. This is how the idea came about to take a photo in front of the very famous Prada Marfa art installation. This also inspired an entire photo series that continues every year.

The series is available in a fine art custom gallery frame or you can purchase them matted and unframed.